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Monday, March 11, 2013

How To Meet New friends On Your Whatsapp Messenger From Your Nokia, Blackberry, Android, iPhone etc

Before you start reading this, do you have Whatsapp Messenger Installed on your phone? No, Visit Here to download and read the below process after downloading to meet friends from any part of the world.

We know majority have heard of Whatsapp Messenger for Nokia, Android, Blackberry, iPhone etc and people still complain they are not enjoying this application because it's strictly phone number which means if you are going to add friends you must have the Phone number of the person.

What makes it difficult is that 90% of people out there wouldn't want to give out their phone number easily because they prefer keeping it away for privacy reasons and it make your contact list look so dull which means if you are using Nokia, Android, iPhone you will not even bother to access the Whatsapp because you know you are only going to chat with people you know from your contact list.

NOTE: This Tips can also work for Blackberry users that love to have enough friends on their Whatsapp.

Do you know there is a way to meet people from other continent on your whatsapp?

Stop wondering, the answer is Yes but how do go about it?

Don't worry, we're not only going to give you tips, we'll
also give you Screenshots to make things easier incase you don't understand but the Screenshots is from Nokia E5 but same process still applies to any kind of phone.

How do you go about it?
The hard part is you will need the help of your friend (on phone contact) and it's certain your friend will be willing to help because he/she will also have the chance to meet new friends after this explanation.

To cut this Tutorial short, here are the steps to follow to start chatting with New friends and also feel free to interact whenever you are less busy.
It's very easy all you need to do is Open your Whatsapp Messenger> Click on Chats> Scroll down to New Group> Input the name of the Group (Use anyname you want)> Add the Participant (this's where you can add people from other county and your friend in other for them to meet and discuss) > That's all, you can now start chatting with other people from your friend list and you have the chance to request for the participant private number, Try those steps and you can start enjoying the application since you can do group discussions and meet New friends too.

Incase you don't understand? Here are the Screenshots below.
Step 1 for Whatsapp

Step 2 for Whatsapp

Step 3 for Whatsapp

Step 4 for Whatsapp

Step 5 for Whatsapp

Step 6 for Whatsapp

Step 7 for Whatsapp

Let us know if it works and do not hesitate to use the comment box below for query if you are not clear or if you still feels the steps above is not working for you.

Sharing this post will give you the benefit to have more friends on your contact list because most of the Whatsapp users out there are having this kind of problem and still hoping to get solution to it.

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