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Sunday, April 7, 2013

WhatsApp for PC

A long time ago we posted a tutorial on how to download whatsapp for pc but it was not a success because we were lazy and did not accompany it with a video tutorial. Moreover, the details were missing to actually get it working. Thus, we have decided to do a better tutorial with step by step video tutorial on how to download Whatsapp for Windows as well as Mac working.
Whatsapp is a cross platform text messaging app for smartphones. It is an amazing app by WhatsApp Inc. and it is so famous that about 1 Billion messages are transferred over it every day (read more here). There are about 7 Billion people on this earth, which means almost 1 of 7 people on average sends a message using WhatsApp everyday. This is pretty neat for an app which does not even support calling yet.

WhatsApp for PC step-by-step

In order to get WhatsApp on PC you need to follow a few steps. Please follow all of the steps in order – don’t jump to the download steps before you PC/Mac is ready for the download. This will make sure that you do not run into issues later on and have a smooth download process.
Watch this video tutorial to see the process end-to-end.

If you have already followed any of our tutorials such as Temple Run for PC, or Viber for PC then you can jump to the download step straight away. Otherwise follow along from the very beginning:
  1. First thing is to download the PC backup software. As weird as it may sound, it works. You can

    Download it from here

  2. Install the backup software and try backing up your files. If it works fine then you are good.
  3. Download Android Emulator from their website.
  4. Install the Android emulator and run it (see video for how it should look like).
  5. Steps 5 to 7 are required for Mac laptops Only. If you have a PC simply search for WhatsApp in Bluestacks, install it, and go to step 9. Open the Twitter App in the android emulator as we need a way to open the browser inside the emulator.
  6. Click on one of the two hyperlinks and it will let you go to a browser.
  7. Visit this page at our website by typing in the URL in your browser.
  8. Come to the page for WhatsApp for PC (this page) and download the file from this link
  9. Open this file and it will install WhatsApp on your PC. Set it up as you would on your Android smartphone and you will have what you need to be in touch with your friends.
Let us know if you have issues or if you need help with any of the steps above.
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