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Monday, July 1, 2013

Download Whatsapp Android

Whatsapp Android

Whatsapp Android can be downloaded from Google Play (Google Play Store). This app is installed on any Android device. Play Store was formerly called the Android Market. Android is a software developed by Google itself. For quite some time this software is very popular among phone users. The Google play store is very fast and it now contains more than 600,000 apps! Also Whatsapp Android can be downloaded here. Below we explain how that works.

Download Whatsapp for Android is actually very simple. Below, in eight short steps we explain how to download and install Whatsapp directly on your device. Follow the steps and within 5 minutes you can send free messages to all your friends and family with Whatsapp!

Download Whatsapp Android

Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your phone
Step 2: You are now on the home screen of Google Play Store. Here you will find inter alia the most popular apps. To download Whatsapp you click the search button at the top right of your screen.
Step 3: Type ‘Whatsapp’ in the search field.
Step 4: Play Store now shows all results matching your search. You can directly select the first search result.
Step 5: You will now find some general information about the app Whatsapp Android. For example a brief description of the app, how many MB you need to install Whatsapp on your Android device and you can find reviews of other Android users.
Step 6: To download Whatsapp Android you just click the blue ‘download’ button. Your Android phone will directly start downloading Whatsapp. In the Play Store, you can see the progress of the download.
Step 7: When your Android phone says that the Whatsapp download is finished, open the app. You must now enter your mobile number. After entering your mobile number you will receive a text message with an access code. This password then fill again in the App. Enter this access code in the app.
Step 8: WhatsApp Android is installed! When you open Whatsapp, you immediately see which of your contacts also have Whatsapp. You can directly start sending messages, photos, videos and more.
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