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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TextCutie-Instagram Text

TextCutie can easily turn your text to a cute picture. It's cool and creative to share your thoughts,status or favorite quotes on Instagram, Facebook,Whatsapp etc.
★★★★★ – “Love it! I love editing so I like this thing..Text Cutie so cute”
★★★★★ – “So easy to use and really good at making nice text photos :)”
★★★★★ – “Textcutie It works and is excellent. There are many cool fonts and other apps for stickers&themes”
★★★★★ – "Favorite text app for instagram :) If you dont have it, GET IT!!!!”
★★★★★ – "It IS cute :D Adorable backgrounds, quick and easy to use, lots of options. Would recommend!”
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