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Saturday, July 6, 2013

use WhatsApp in a web browser

WhatsApp is a popular app for sending SMS messages for free (for a year trial, which then becomes a yearly subscription fee) from your smart phone. We previously shared how to install WhatsApp on a PC with Blue Stacks App Player. Now thanks to a web based Android emulator called Manymo, you can load WhatsApp from a web browser. This includes Windows, Mac, and Linux computers or tablets. Manymo is a JavaScript based emulator and may notwork on every browser.
Manymo will emulate the Android version of WhatsApp, allowing features for chat, contact sending and message history. WhatsApp on Manymo isn’t without flaws. Set up can be confusing as you cannot use an existing WhatsApp account. There's also a slow activation process and there can be keyboard input issues on some devices. Still, having WhatsApp on a single web account is convenient.
We’ll show you how to get Manymo and WhatsApp running in a browser.

Set Up

Downloading the Whats App APK
You will first need to download the WhatsApp APK from the official site here. Click on the "Download Now" button and save it to an easy to find location.
Sign up for Manymo
The second step is to create an account on Manymo. The sign up instructions are very straight forward; they require your name, e-mail, and a login password. Check the "agree to terms" button and hit "Sign Up." Head over to your e-mail account and confirm your new Manymo account.


Uploading WhatsApp to Manymo
From the Manymo homepage select "Launch Emulators" which will take you to the emulator page. In the top right corner, click "App" to be taken to an app selection page. From here select "Upload App" to be taken to yet another page. Select "Browse" and a window will appear. Locate to the folder you saved the WhatsApp APK and select it. You won't get a confirmation that the upload was successful so simply hit "Continue" to move on.
Selecting an emulator
You will now be back on the emulator page. Select which resolution you wish to use WhatsApp with. Lower resolutions will include a virtual keyboard in the browser. This is handy if your device does not have a physical keyboard. However, this will not be necessary on desktop and laptop computers. When you're satisfied with a resolution, press "Launch" to turn on the emulator. Wait a short time and WhatsApp will automatically open in the emulator.

Authorizing WhatsApp

You will need to create a new WhatsApp account for Manymo; the emulator will not allow preexisting accounts. To create an account WhatsApp will need to send you a SMS. First select your country, put in your phone number and hit "OK."
sms verification
You will now have to wait for a SMS verification, which is not optional. The automatic confirmation rarely works correctly on Manymo and there is no option to cancel. You will likely need to wait a full ten minutes to move on to the next step. The odd part is WhatsApp may send a SMS during your wait but it depends on your phone number. In the US, you may get a text within a few minutes. European phone numbers will not receive a text. Those still without a code must press "Call me". This will call your phone and provide recording with your confirmation.
Add in contacts 
 WhatsApp will now work in a web browser. Because it's a new account you won't have any contacts so you'll have to tell friends your screen name or import your contacts.

WhatsApp up and running

Emulate on devices
To access WhatsApp from your browser, just log into Manymo and WhatsApp will be in the Apps tab.
However, since WhatsApp is already available on many devices only makes sense if you want to use WhatsApp on your laptop or desktop. Onscreen keyboards also pose and issue since they do not work on mobile versions of Manymo. You can switch to lower resolution emulators to activate the external keyboard. On larger devices such as tablets this serves as a work around. On smaller devices the external keyboard may be too tiny to use precisely.
You have to jump through a few hoops to get WhatsApp working on Manymo and it can't use an existing account. The process can be a little confusing and there can be serious delays depending on which country your phone number belongs to. However, the end result is the convenience of having WhatsApp on a variety of devices. Given the amount of time it takes to authorize an account and the lack of standard onscreen keyboard, you'll need to weigh if the effort is worth the reward.
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