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Sunday, March 10, 2013

How do I set my status?

The Status feature in WhatsApp is a real time indication of what you are doing, so that you can keep up to date with your contacts.
To set your status:
  • Open WhatsApp.
  • iPhone or BlackBerry: Go to the Status screen. Select a status from the list, or add a new status by tapping the "+" sign in the top right. On iPhone, you can also edit any status from the list by tapping the Edit button in the top left.

    Android: Go to the Chats screen, tap the [Menu Button], and select Status. Then, choose from the list of preset messages or write your own by tapping the text displayed under "Your current status is: "

    Nokia S60: Go to the Status screen. Choose from a list of preset messages, or write a new status by going to Options -> New status. You can also edit any of the preset messages by selecting one, and going to Options -> Edit status.

    Nokia S40: Go to Options -> Status. Select a preset status from the list or write your own by going to Options -> Edit.

    Windows Phone: Find the three dots "..." in the bottom right of screen, drag them upwards, and tap "my status." Tap the text box with your current status and change your status as you like. When finished, tap the check mark at the bottom of the screen.
Please note that it may take some time for your newly updated status message to display on your friends' phones. If your friends refresh their Favorites list (Select contact list on Android), they will see the status update much more quickly.
Not sure what the Status feature is used for? Read this article.
WhatsApp Support Team
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