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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nokia PC Suite free

The Nokia PC Suite is a free software offered by Nokia for the fast download of data from your Nokia phone to your Windows PC. This utility can also be used for the management of your Nokia phone in every possible angle.
Nokia PC Suite can be compared to iTunes for Apple devices because of its synchronization capabilities. Unlike iTunes, the download time of Nokia PC Suite is quite long and as strange at it might seem, not all Nokia phones can be managed with the software.
However, the wizard based interface is a great addition for novice Windows users. From the software's main menu, you can fast-access some of the coolest features. The overall backup and transfer of digital data stored on your device to your Windows desktop should be fast.
The download of additional plugins free of charge is one thing you will be able to do without a fuss. For security reasons, the installation of new applications on your phone can be initiated by Nokia PC Suite while you are on your Windows desktop.
The synchronization of your phone with your computer is fast with Nokia PC Suite and the download of a a free third-party enhancing software can speed things up even further. You certainly will be free of worries regarding your Nokia phone once you take full advantage of these features.

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