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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

fix the problem : Unfortunately google play store has stopped

There is one problem that often arises on your phone which is a real pain and that’s when you suddenly receive an error message saying "the process has stopped" or "google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly". Regardless of what device you use, this is actually quite a simple thing to fix. Here are the most effective solutions.
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Other than clearing the cache and the data for a particular app or even uninstalling your recently downloaded apps, there’s another quick way to get this done. First you will go into the settings of your Android smartphone or tablet. This can be attained either through the pull down notifications bar or in the app drawer. Once in here, find and tap on the Application Manager, Applications or Apps, depending on what it’s called on your device, found under the device subcategory of the main Settings page. When you land in the Applications Manager, swipe right to left to get to ‘All’ applications and then look for and tap to open Download Manager, which is the app with the Android as a logo.
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The first option is easy, but wouldn't be apparent for a first time user. © AndroidPIT
The app info for Downloads (on my Galaxy S3) and Download Manager is a bit different than other apps, because the uninstall button is replaced with a disable button. To fix has stopped error, you simply need to press disable and then enable it once again.
androidpit gapps2
Solution #2 for your gapps error problem. © AndroidPIT
Another option would be to go to the Settings and then Applications Manager and again swipe to ‘All’ apps. This time however, you will press on the soft menu key or the on-screen menu key on the bottom left of your device. Here you will select ‘Reset app preferences’ which will bring the settings of all apps back to square one.
These methods should solve the problem and if you are having problems with the Google Play Store, we have further solutions that may be just the right medicine for your Android device.
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